I Need A Readjustment

I have returned to the blogger world. Why? Because maybe I need a readjustment to how I react to questions from family, friends and occasionally strangers.  This morning a had two-hour Skype session with my twin brother Kevin as well as other members of my family in the US.  This call was set-up as a 60th Birthday surprise for Kevin to get a chance to talk to me after almost 20 years of no contact.  The video call was a great success, connection was relatively good, however, the two IT experts (Frank & Loren) could have better, just kidding guys, and Kevin and I along with others talked for the two hours about many things, yet after hanging-up I determined, with the help of my wife, that a few things, other than the connection, didn’t feel right or go right.  The fact of the matter is that may tend to dominate a conversation, especially when asked a question or for an opinion, which everyone knows I tend to have, thereby, quiet possibly taking up more time to answer and then continuing on to a new and often unrelated topic without allowing for return questions or comments.  And I am so involved in trying to get my point across, I may lose touch with time, thereby not posing any questions of mine to those I have not seen or talked to in such a long period of time.  So saying that, I have to apologize to Kevin for my actions or for that matter, lack of actions, during our conversation this morning.  This apology also goes out to the remaining brothers and sisters, John, Sharon, Charlotte, Caprice and Loren for similar actions during other Skype sessions.  In addition, to all others present to whom I’m sure I did not afford them the appropriate time and courtesy to ask questions of them or about them and thereby relinquishing the control of the conversation, I apologize. This is a trait that I most likely inherited from my mother, I’m sure my siblings will set me straight should this not be true.  I have to admit that I take pleasure in passing on all and I really mean all my knowledge, opinions and sometimes trivial information to everyone willing to listen whether they care to or not.  I will most likely continue to pass on this information, however, with greater regard for the thoughts and feelings of others.  Should I in the future tend to revert back to controlling conversations and or Skype sessions, by all means stop me and get me back on track.  I really care about everyone and would like to know about your lives, thoughts and opinions and not just mine. Again, the Skype session with Kevin and others was really fun, I enjoyed it tremendously and look forward to more sessions in the future, thanks for bearing with me.  I hope everyone will accept this in the manner in which it is intended, my improvement in social environments.

P.S.  You IT-guys need to continue working on your connections, ha ha.


About Timothy Francis Boles

Born and raised in Spokane, WA. Served in the US Army from 27 July 1972 to 31 May 1996, retiring as a First Sergeant. Married to Hilde for over 39 years, a son Michael (lives in Clarksville, TN with wife and 3 kids) and currently living and working in and around Bamberg, Germany since March 1996.
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2 Responses to I Need A Readjustment

  1. Loren says:

    Don’t beat yourself up. We all have the tendency to “run on”, especially when we are presented with an opportunity to reconnect with someone we care about and just want to share everything. There will be plenty of Skype visits in the future. It was great to see you and we will do it again soon. This next time with more Rachelle and Hilde. They will probably help us filter better. By the way, this IT guy did pretty well, considering he’d never seen that computer before. 🙂

    • Thanks Loren, by the way I received and installed my new Skype camera for the new TV today, picture and sound 100%, so maybe the next Skype session will be later timewise and in our livingroom with Hilde.

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