Young Politicians and Today’s Politics

Well the political circus tour culminating in November 2016 has started and which acts will survive to meet in the big top can not be predicted at this time. Like in circuses all those running can be placed in different categories, such as: Animals, Acrobats, Clowns, etc. and each category can also sub-groups, such as Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Horses in Animals; Good, Bad, Big Feet in Clowns and well you get the picture (maybe). I’m not going to associate any names to the categories, I’ll let each of you do that yourself.  On November the 8th 2016 the winners you and I have chosen in each circus category will be in the big top. You may asked why I call the our political process a circus, well think about; it has a run of about 12 to 18 months, it pops in and out of different towns, states and regions for short periods of time, in has many actors and names, however, the show is always the same, when you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, and that’s’ why we need changes to this political circus and those changes can only occur with new, fresh and young people and not old, crusty and rusted politicians.

I was infected with the politics bug in my ninth grade Washington State History class taught by Mr. Jerry Hughes (a WA State Rep. & Sen.) at North Central High in Spokane, WA.  I am still infected and that is why I believe changes to the current political picture can only be attained through more involvement from the younger generations and not the current or older ones.

So in support of my beliefs I recent contributed to the Young Democrats of Clark County (YDCC) so they could attend the State Convention in Yakima.  I am not a member of any political party and never will be and will always vote for that person who best represents my views.  I contributed because I believe that the young politicians are the future and without our support necessary changes will not happen.  Changes occur for the good from local to state to national (bottom-up) and for the not so good from national to state to local (top-down).  I believe first time politicians should be running for positions in the ages 20 to 40 at the local level, at state level the politicians need local level experience and ages 30 to 50, and at national level they need local and state level experience and ages 40 to 60. There is no substitute for experience and many first-termers became one-termers for that very reason. So YDCC do your homework, get in touch with all your voters, learn the rules of the game, never underestimate your opponent or the finkeled finger of fate, and last but not least youthful enthusiasm don’t buy a cup of coffee or Starbucks.

A final note, if you want to know what my beliefs are, i.e. Termlimits, same-sex marriage, immigration, church and state, private lives of politicians, Defense, Trade Agreements, Bailouts of Private Industry, and many many more, just ask and I will tell you, some may like the answers, and some will not, than politics is not a beauty pageant.


About Timothy Francis Boles

Born and raised in Spokane, WA. Served in the US Army from 27 July 1972 to 31 May 1996, retiring as a First Sergeant. Married to Hilde for over 39 years, a son Michael (lives in Clarksville, TN with wife and 3 kids) and currently living and working in and around Bamberg, Germany since March 1996.
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