The Attacks in Paris

The attacks in Paris, France on Friday the 13th of November, 2015 were a great tragedy.  Over 120 killed, almost 200 injured, at least the half seriously and all this because they were enjoying their life and having fun in the city of Love and others, in this case terrorists, didn’t like this and decided to put an end to their lifestyle. Even in these moments of sadness and sorrow for the events in Paris, we must still ask the question or maybe questions, why are the terrorists so intent on destroying our way of life, and maybe more important, have we underestimated the resolution of the terrorists and over estimated our ability to counter these acts of terrorism?

Acts of terrorism have been occurring over many decades, however, in the last 30 years the terrorist have become better organized, more determined, and willing to not only kill many innocent people, but also to take their own lives for their cause, something that 90 % of the world can not comprehend, rationalize or accept. Herein lies the problem, what can we do to stop or at least stem these type of terrorist acts, and how much of our hard-fought freedoms will we have to sacrifice?

Have we under estimated terrorists, regardless of religious belief or nationality, in their resolve to attain their goals.  Do we even understand how they think, what they believe, how far they will go to achieve their goals.  There are many examples throughout the past century where terrorists have fought to the death for their beliefs and goals, the IRA in N. Ireland, RAF in Germany, Taliban in Afghanistan, al-Qaeda in Iraq, and many more in Africa.  Some no longer exist, many are still active and will continue to terrorize their regions and the world until all are dead and their beliefs have died with them.

Now lets talk about them the terrorists from last night, ISIS, the most radical, brutal and non-human that has ever existed. They are more radical in their religious beliefs than other branches of Islam.  They will and do use all available assets to achieve the goal of a Islamic State.  They have intimidated the population of the regions it controls by taking control through force all facilities such as water, electric, as well as oil fields, and main roads and highways, thereby controlling the lives of all.  If you fall under the control of ISIS you must convert to their beliefs or face death, even a muslim of another branch is considered a non-believer just like all christians, jews, hindu, etc.

Now the answer to the question, have we under estimated ISIS, a very definite Yes. Even the original financiers, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have come to realize that ISIS is not a positive member of Islam, and no longer support them actively.  Many world political leaders have under estimated ISIS, publicly announcing that ISIS is controlled, that is very false as evidenced in Paris, as well as Mosul, Ramadi and Palmyra. What is being done against ISIS; there is a coalition of US, UK, France and Arabic nations conducting air strikes in support of the Kurdish and Iraqi forces in an attempt to stop ISIS and win back regions now under the control of ISIS. Russia says it is also make strikes against ISIS, however, in reality they are making strikes against opponents of Assad to help him remain in power in Syria. Turkey has also begun air strikes against ISIS, however, once again the evidence shows that the strikes are against President Erdogans arch enemies the Kurdish Party PKK and not ISIS.  To stop ISIS, you must eliminate the training camps for the recruits, stop the flow of recruits from the western and european nations, increase the intelligence surveillance (NSA, CIA, etc.), arm the Kurdish fighters with the most modern weapons (ISIS got theirs by overrunning Iraqi forces), and eventually putting ‘Boots on the Ground’.

Lets face facts here, the ISIS is a force to be reckoned with both now and the near future.  They have very many followers and believers.  Many of the believers will die for the ideals of ISIS, and not just in Syria or Iraq, but also in cities like Paris, Berlin, London and maybe even New York.  They will not stop until they have achieved their goal of an Islamic State that is accepted worldwide or die.

Having said all the above, let me be perfectly clear that the only part of Islam that I condemn is ISIS.  I am a firm believer in allowing everyone to have and practice their religious beliefs as they see fit, as long as they do not try to convert me or anyone else through or with force to accept their beliefs.

I believe in mankind and accept each and everyone person for who they are regardless of gender, skin color, sex-orientation, nationality, or religion, etc.  I thrive on the diversity of the human race and enjoy conversing with everyone about everything as long as we remain respectful of one another.


About Timothy Francis Boles

Born and raised in Spokane, WA. Served in the US Army from 27 July 1972 to 31 May 1996, retiring as a First Sergeant. Married to Hilde for over 39 years, a son Michael (lives in Clarksville, TN with wife and 3 kids) and currently living and working in and around Bamberg, Germany since March 1996.
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