My Opinions and Thoughts about ……..Politics.


This is one of my most favorite topics to talk about or discuss and argue with someone or for that matter everyone.  My first encounter with politics occurred in 9th grade, Washington State History class, mandatory in the Spokane School District 1968/69.  My teacher, Jerry Hughes, who served in the House of Representatives from 1974 – 1980, and then in the Senate, 1980 – 1984, spiked my interest in politics.  During that school year, the class performed a mock Washington State Government, which included campaigns and elections for Governor, Lt. Governor, Sec. of State, Attorney General and WA Supreme Justice’s as well as a Senate and House of Reps.  We learned how laws were written, voted on, passed, and vetoed.  Everyone in the class had a function and you could change your function by challenging another classmate for his or her functions through elections, so it was possible that I was able to serve as a Senator, Lt. Governor and Governor during that year of Washington State History.  Another lasting experience for my love for politics happened in my senior year of high school shortly prior to graduation.  There was a mock Democratic Party National Convention in Spokane with participants from local Universities and High Schools.  We represented the various  state delegations in selecting the Democratic Party Nomination for the 1972 Presidential Election, I was a member of the Rhode Island delegation.  These were the foundations for my continued interest in politics to this day.

Politics is so much more than going to the polls and voting.  Politics is about people, remember “We the People…”, it is also about our lives and the impact of politics on our lives.  That is why when someone says that they don’t vote because their vote won’t change anything I get very, very upset and angry with their stupidity and obvious lack of knowledge.  Change has to come from the bottom up and not top down.  Top down is always dictatorial and never leads to anything good, there are plenty of examples in history to prove the point.  For four years there was a grass-roots movement to change the way things are done in our capital and it achieved its’ goal and elected Obama, however the changes did not occur and the opposite has happened, we have an even worse leadership with top down mentality than when we started.  I have to state that I was never a believer  or follower of Obama and voted for McCain, and would do so again.  Obama just doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies, not than and differently not now.  I have never voted party line because I believe in the candidate and what he/she can do for their district and not what can be done for the party.  I do a lot of research on all the candidates in all races; internet, newspaper interviews, videos, etc., we have so much more material available now than for 10 years let alone for 20 or 30 years.  My candidate my not always win, sometimes they don’t even make it to the general election, however, I’m involved in the process of electing our representatives in government regardless at which level they serve and that’s the important.

Guess what, I just received my Online Absentee Ballot for the Nov. 6th General Election from Spokane County, Washington via e-mail, so that means we have less than 45 days to an event that may or may not change the direction the United States is currently headed.  The receipt of my ballot is a good lead into my opinions and thoughts about the race for the White House. Okay, I know that the presidential race is not the only race, however, it is getting the most attention and the impact of the outcome affects all Americans and not just Washingtonians, or Californians, or any of the other 50 states.  The US Presidential Election has an impact on the entire world, its’ economies, the relations between nations, as well as the relations amongst people of various ethnic, religious and political backgrounds.  President Obama still has strong support from the vast majority (70%) of the germans as well as over 60% of the rest of Europe.  The basic thought is that he is still working to correct the mistakes, problems and debts of the Bush Administration and giving time he will achieve this goal.  I, on the other hand, believe that every new President knows what the problems are, accepts them, and then goes about trying to fix and amend where ever the need exists.  A period of one to two years should be enough time to show results and when the results don’t support the actions, then it’s time for a change, either in strategies or the President.  Now back to my ballot for the General Election.  In six of the races my candidate from the primary election did not make into the top two, therefore, I will be voting for my second choice, however that is how our democratic system works and I support this system.  There are 16 Partisan Offices and 6 Non-Partisan Offices being contended on my ballot.  The non-partisan offices are an easier since you only have to vote for the best qualified without regard to yours or their political stand or positions.  I have selected my candidate in 11 of the 16 partisan races, 6 Democrats and 5 Republicans leaving 5 races still undecided including the big one for President.  So as you can see, I don’t follow any party or for that matter a party line and would probably have voted for others in smaller parties such as the Greens if there was a candidate who could have an impact on local, state or national politics and supported more of my views.  I have still not decided who will get my vote for President, therefore I have been reading the party platforms for the Democrats, Republicans and Greens and have determined that none of the parties support all of that which I believe.  That being said, here is what I believe in and support; the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion, the United States was founded on these principles and there will be no, I repeat no, amendments or changes made.  The 2nd Amendment, the Right to Defend and Bear Arms.  the Tenth Amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.  I support a women’s’ right to choose and there are no exceptions or exemptions.  I will always fight to have a strong military that is not restricted by international courts or even the United Nations.  I believe in Free Market Trade and Global Markets, however, this is not and cannot be a one-way street where the US companies  have difficulties in foreign lands and the said lands have no difficulties in the US.  I want all citizens to have affordable health care, however, having it forced on us and with penalties goes against my understanding of freedom.  If I want to take the risk that later in life I may require health care then I must have the understanding that I will have to pay for it at that time and at a substantial increase in cost.  I also believe we need term limits at all levels of government in order to keep politics fresh and innovative through the changes in personnel.  The longer a person holds office the less changes occur and the system becomes stale due to lack of new ideas.  The world is constantly changing thereby requiring changes in government.  I want every American to receive the best education possible and therefore, tax revenues must be increased to fund education at all levels of public institutions.  Private schools must meet the standards of the public schools to receive accreditation, however no public or tax revenues will be spent on private institutions.  Freedom of religion is everyone’s right and I support each and everyone’s right to practice his religion, however, the laws of the US are greater than all religious laws and therefore must be adhered to and enforced.  That is why I believe in a separation of church and state, with state being the only power.  Religious beliefs are great for the individual, however, they can not have anything to do with the running of the government or the election of its’ representatives.  Along with religious freedoms, I also believe in personal freedoms, within the law, and one of those is same-sex marriages.  We acknowledge the marriage between heterosexuals and recognize that many men and women are gay and lesbian and that this is not a sickness or disease, it is a fact of birth and I support their efforts to achieve equal status in all aspects of life and law.  Some of us are heterosexual and some are not, some are white and some are not, some are men and some are not, I can keep going on forever with comparisons, however I hope you get the point I’m trying to make, we are all different yet the same, free and this we must protect and defend against all others who are trying to undermine our individual freedoms throughout the world.  I have lived in Germany for that past 16 years, 25 of the last 40, and have come to realize that very many Americans continue to live and preach a double standard when it comes to private and public life.  I have one thing to say to all those Americans, ” Get your head out of the sand and finally realize that a persons private life is just that, private, and you can not use his private life to destroy ones’ public life when the private life has no bearing on the public, unless everyone is willing to open up their private life for the public, otherwise you are just hypocrite.” Many good people have been ruined by a ruthless and out of control media for digressions in past private life which would normally not have a bearing on that persons public life had the media left it private.  Most Europeans separate private from public very well and that’s why Germany has had a Chancellor who was married 4 times, a Secretary of State married 5 times, a Secretary of State in a same-sex marriage with a man and on and on, you get the picture, we don’t care about those things because it has no impact on his or her job in the public sector.

Now a few words about the current race for the President of the US.  The incumbent has not fulfilled very many of his campaign promises, that is not unusual, since he was always planning to run for the second term even before winning his first election.  Almost all Presidents have had to deal with the fact that his party was not always in control of the Congress.  Every President accepts that debts and problems of the outgoing President and works to decrease the debt and solve the problems, however, Obama has increased the debt, solved zero problems and with his one-man agenda created more and greater problems which he inherited.  There are two trains of thought when it comes to Obama and this election, one you can elect him with 51% of the vote, allowing him to continue to bankrupt America and wait for the 4 more years to go by without a passed budget, high unemployment, slow housing market, lower education standards and loss of face and respect throughout the world, or two you can vote him out with 49% of the vote, thereby insuring that change with happen because we have a businessman in office and not a goody two shoes who wants to be everyone’s friend and not rock the boat.  Now what about Romney, he is a businessman and politician and knows how to gets things done.  The problem is the Republican Party, they need to come together and with combined strength support Romney, the infighting within the party weakens Romney and strengthens Obama.  The Tea Party would destroy the worldwide power of the US which we have fought for  over the past 200 years.  Religious conservatism within the government would show a weakness to the world. So Republicans if you want to win the Presidency, then stop your in-fighting, win as many of the Congressional races as possible to control Congress and those same voters will also vote for Romney/Ryan.

America was founded on freedoms and the form of government selected was designed so that the people would always have the power to change governments when necessary and that the Branches of Government; Presidential, Congressional and judical had equal power and oversight over the other Branches.  This form of government has survived since 1776, without interruption and changes that have been made are normal adjustments necessary to sustain the government as our forefathers originally planned.  Such a form of government exists nowhere else in the world and probably never will because the is and will be only one United States of America.

And these are my opinions and thoughts about…….Politics.

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My Opinions and Thoughts about ……..”the Video”.

This is my first attempt at blogging.  Inspiration comes from my niece, Melissa (Mel) Boles, also a blogger.

So here’s the deal.  We all have thoughts about many topics, often finding it difficult to express these thoughts with others, I know I do.  I think about many things; Politics, Jobs, Religion, Education, etc., you get the idea.   So how does one begin to express his or her thoughts about these various topics, they sit down and put everything in writing.   The hardest part is always the beginning, so here goes.  What do I want to talk about first, Politics?  Or maybe the current job market in the US?  Or do I just want to talk about how it was when…..?   The great thing about computers is it doesn’t make any difference where you start; you can always move your thoughts around on the page, making adjustments along the way.

So lets talk about what’s happening in the Middle East now.  How could this happen?  My thoughts, the producers of a video have purposely attempted to provoke for two reasons.  First, to show that they can produce such a video without being stopped, Free Press and all, and second they wanted to see what type of reaction  occurred regardless of what happens.  The first question that comes up is, what was in their heads when they made this video, answer, nothing or at least nothing good.  Second question, what can a government do to these people to hold them responsible for their actions, answer, very little if anything if you live in democratic and free society.  Question number three, were any laws broken with this video, answer, none that I’m aware of without digging deeper.  Now what about the reactions for the so-called offended, why did they react so, when this video is obviously a spoof or satire of an Islamic leader.  Lets’ face it, the producers of this video got exactly the reaction they were looking for and then some.  I’m sure that the death of an US Ambassador and other Americans was not anticipated, however, that is the problem when poke fun at others who you don’t know personally and can’t judge how they are going to react.

I had the opportunity to visit the middle-east from August 1990 until April 1991 (US Army; Gulf War) with daily contact of people with Muslim backgrounds and it was immediately clear to me that their culture was very, very different from mine or at least the culture in which I was raised.  That however did not stop me from trying to communicate with them and to work with all in order to accomplish my mission.  I instantly adjusted my thought process and accepted the rules and laws for that country.  With this adjustment it helped me understand their culture better and I accepted those who I met on face-value without prejudice.

Now I’m going to go out a limb here and express my dislikes over what has and is happening in the middle-east, caused by a video on YouTube.

I don’t like most of what is on YouTube simply because of the degrading nature of the videos.  There is virtually zero control over what is uploaded, the so-called good taste standards no longer apply.  We have lost our respect for others, however still demand respect for ourselves.  This doesn’t work that way, to get respect for ourselves we must first have respect for others.  We need to establish better rules and controls over internet abuse without infringing on our freedom to use the internet, there must be some control before and not just after an incident such as this video.  There are hundreds of laws controlling and effecting our lives outside the internet, why are these laws not being applied to internet usage as well in regards to defamation, falsehoods, etc?

What is being done to bring to justice those who killed the Ambassador and the others as well as all the damage and destruction.  There are a number of international courts who have the authority to bring charges against all who participated in these actions, now we just need the law-enforcement agencies and politicians to get involved and begin prosecuting all of those involved and make sure that the penalties are high and severe, thereby possibly deterring many from actions of this nature in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet and do not want a lot of censorship, however, there must be a level of control and supervision to stop videos and situations of this nature before it happens and not after, it’s hard to stop a stampede after it has started, all you can do is let it runs its’ course and clean up the mess afterwards.

So to sum up my thoughts above, I do not condone any of the actions of any of the participants, whether it being the producers of the video, YouTube, the demonstrators or those who caused death and destruction without regard to the loss of life and property.

We the people of this world need to get our act together or we may not see the 22nd Century.

These are My Opinions and Thoughts about……..

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